IOC adds more new sports


The International Olympic Committee says it will add more new sports to the official list of events at the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 in a bid to attract younger fans and participants.

The IOC’s announcement follows news earlier this week that it was adding break dancing – to be known as breaking – to the calendar of sports for the Paris Games.

The IOC has already bolstered the list of official sports for next year’s postponed 2020 Tokyo Games by adding surfing, skateboarding, and indoor or sport climbing.

An IOC spokesperson said there was considerable pressure on it from member nations to expand the official sports list to ensure the Games remained relevant to young people around the world.

“To that end we will not only add breaking to the Paris Games, we’ll be including wanking too in both male and female events,” the spokesperson said.

Brisbane teenager Dick Tugger (main picture) said the news had inspired him to start training for the 2024 Olympic Games.

“I mean I’m already sort of training several times a day, so having it as an official sport is a bonus,” he said.

“I’ll do everything I can to be ready for the Paris Games and bring home wanking gold for Australia.

“I so desperately want to represent Australia as I’m confident I can come first. I’m sure it’ll be a crowded field and tough competition but I’m looking forward to cleaning up – right after the finals and before the medal presentation.”

It is understood the organisers of the Paris Games also wanted shrugging and short-changing cafe customers to be official events, but the IOC has so far turned them down on the grounds both would give the host nation too much of an advantage.