Future of Rupe’s rags looks grave

Our Media Glass House staff have previously remarked on the shrinking number of funerals being advertised in print outlets such as Brisbane’s daily turdbloid The Courier-Mail.

Things do seem to be a tad dire when you take a look at Tuesday’s edition and see that the once packed funerals page – or “tributes” as it is now branded – has very few paid ads (pictured).

Packing the rest of the page with in-house ads generating zero revenue isn’t fooling anyone.

How much longer can Rupert let the Courier or other hard copy papers keep going?

How long before we see a funeral, or tribute, notice for The Courier-Mail itself?

Using word logically….

The Glass House does bang on a bit about the simple things in journalism – such as using the logical and right word for any given situation. And for that reason, the gems from television news keep on coming.

Here’s ABC Sydney 7pm news presenter Juanita Phillips around 7.20 on Monday night: “A child has been killed after being hit by a truck in Sydney’s west….”

The Glass House simply asks the question: Why didn’t she just say: “A child has died after being hit by a truck…”? It’s accurate and, sadly, it’s what happened.

Words are important and The Glass House was waiting for Juanita to alert us to the possibility that NSW police had launched a murder investigation into exactly who killed her after this tragic and sad accident happened.


You’ve got to know how to fold ’em

Okay, okay! We got a bit full of ourselves thinking that maybe the Nine Entertainment papers might have improved their heading writing skills across a paper’s fold after we took the mickey out of the SMH and Sun-Herald subs for failing dismally at that task.

The example above from last weekend’s Sun-Herald shows they have no interest whatsoever in honing – or maybe learning the basics for the first time – of what used to be a very skilful part of a sub’s work.


Knife work indeed

The Glass House has one question to ask Eryk Bagshaw over the cover piece he co-wrote for last weekend’s SMH News Review liftout: what image did he see out of China that had PM Morrison “angry” and calling “a media conference which was four years in the making”?

We ask because of Eryk’s carefully selected words …”Morrison was angry. The Prime Minister, quarantined at The Lodge in Canberra on Monday, had been shown the tweet of a fabricated image of an Australian soldier slitting an Afghan child’s throat..”

Slitting, Eryk?

The Glass House could not find a copy of the image that has not been partially blurred out. But the world’s media has almost uniformly described it as showing the soldier holding a knife at the child’s throat. Still horrific but you’d have to agree, Eryk, there’s a big difference. A child whose throat has not been cut still has a chance of life.

Maybe you’re right, Eryk? The only journo who called it as he saw it; a solider slitting a child’s throat just like our troops in Afghanistan apparently got up to.

But if you’re not, Eryk, you open yourself up to more than just a charge of sloppy journalism; namely an accusation of embellishment perhaps done deliberately to support the PM’s confected outrage over the image.