Trump forces colour change

Donald Trump is believed to have requested the fast-tracking of a change in the livery of the US President’s fleet of official aircraft, giving incoming President Joe Biden one of his first big decisions – whether to change the planes back to their current look.

The aircraft operated by a special branch of the US Air Force and carrying the call-sign Air Force One whenever the President is on board have been decked out in a distinctive blue, white, and gold colour scheme since the days of President John Kennedy.

But President Trump  has insisted on a change of image for the aircraft and personally designed the new look featuring a large presidential seal on the tail while dispensing with more formal artwork on the rest of the fuselage.

Mr Trump’s new design includes a bright red nose believed to reference the President’s Make America Great Again caps, and the traditional wording “United States of America” along the length of the aircraft but in the same golden shade and font as the signage applied to Trump Tower in New York and Trump Hotels elsewhere.

A special moulded and aerodynamic cover above the cockpit closely resembles the President’s own hairstyle but has been explained away by US Air Force officials as a camouflaged radar dome.

Mr Trump also added a World War II-style painted mascot near the nose cone showing a scantily clad woman, believed to be based on one of the naked photo-shoots of First Lady Melania Trump from her previous modelling career.

Mr Trump has also attempted to dispense with the name Air Force One and rename the official aircraft the Pussy Grabber.

But he has met strong resistance from USAF chiefs and has instead settled for using Pussy Grabber when referencing the plane while retaining the term Air Force One as an official call sign to be used by its air crew.

When contacted at his basement in his Delaware home, President-Elect Biden said he did not believe air travel should be a priority for the president.

“I know those fellas messing around out there at Kitty  Hawk Beach have the best intentions,” he said.

“But I’m sticking with the good old ‘iron horse’. It’ll never let you down and I’m sure President Teddy Roosevelt feels the same.”