Staff changes in PM’s office


Prime Minister Scott Morrison is believe to be planning changes in the ranks of his personal office staff following the release of official photos of his recent visit to an outlet of fast-food chain McDonald’s.

Mr Morrison celebrated the end of his own home isolation and negative COVID-19 test and the lifting of major social gathering restrictions throughout NSW by visiting the Engadine McDonald’s store just outside his Cook electorate in Sydney.

The PMO refused to release photographs taken by Mr Morrison’s official staff photographer, but The Bug has obtained copies through a right-to-information application. (main picture and below)

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) confirmed that Mr Morrison visited the Engadine McDonald’s restaurant.

“The PM planned a quick catch-up with some locals for a quick Big Mac and some BYO beer but ended up staying for several hours,” the spokesperson said while also denying eyewitness reports that suggested events “got out of hand”.

“Mr Morrison enjoyed a relaxing few moments away from the pressures of office. That is all. Period.

“There was nothing untoward that happened at all. The PM merely enjoyed a burger and a beer or two then left after staying a little longer than he had originally planned.”

The spokesperson denied that Mr Morrison had at one stage  entered the gents toilet and performed a lewd act.

“The PM did go to the gents but relieved himself in an appropriate manner,” the spokesperson said.

The Bug understands that in the wake of the visit Mr Morrison plans to sack an as yet unknown number of staff within the PMO, mainly officers associated with approving right-to-information requests.