Trump plans to stay

Almost a month after the US elections, President Donald Trump is continuing to avoid public exposure and questioning but is dropping strong hints that he will not be vacating the White House in favour of President-Elect Joe Biden.

The latest indication of Mr Trump’s thinking came at a ceremony today at which he officially announced the White House had joined his chain of Trump-branded hotels. (main picture)

“I welcome the addition of this magnificent building to the chain of hotels already operated by the Trump Organisation,” he told a cheering crowd at the official renaming ceremony.

“It’s a lovely building. Truly lovely, and you know what? I plan to live here.

“Yeah, I’m gonna be living here for a long time to come. Yeah, a long time. Such a long time. You won’t believe how long.”

A White House spokesperson confirmed that Mr Trump planned to continue residing in the building and also planned to assume a new position within the Trump Organisation after 20 January next year.

“From that day forward Donald J Trump will be officially the US President of the Trump Organisation, or just US President for short,” the spokesperson said.