We could have laughed all night….

The Glass House last night ventured where it has rarely gone before … Sky News TV after dusk has long passed and when scary creatures venture out to prey.

We feared a never-ending Fright Night; the reality was a roll-on-the-floor-laughterthon that had us asking one simple and obvious question: surely Paul Murray and Rowan Deen simply must be a double act on screen together (pictured above)!

So how about it, Sky News Australia management? You know we’re right and together Murray and Deen could be very, very right together.

But don’t get us wrong. Both men are hilarious individually and when we tuned in last night, Murray was doing his own routine with some sidekick named Michael Croaker who we don’t know but appears to be some washed-up Victorian businessman with a face like a desiccated prune.

Anyway, Murray was on fire with a fine routine based on the premise that US President Donald Trump was being robbed of victory by the cheating socialist Democrats and Sleepy, Dopey Joe Biden.

Croaker, who to his credit didn’t appear at all embarrassed to be on the show, couldn’t agree more but appeared to try to let Murray down gently with his observation that while Trump deserved to win with the yuge, unprecedented and record number of votes he attracted, might still fall short which would be a travesty of justice and an assault on the democratic process.

After Murray’s show ended, Rowan Deen’s Outsiders began with the woolly-haired host and two panellists in red-hot agreement that Australians were being hoodwinked by a left-leaning, politically correct media hellbent on pandering to latte-sipping inner-city greenies even though they called them woke instead of folk, which was funny in itself.

All side-splitting stuff but we once again make the plea to SkyNews bosses: have them on together! They’d put Laurel and Hardy in the shade.

Bugger it. Add Peter Gleeson into the mix and, deadset, you’ve got The Three Stooges Down Under.



We are the first to admit that we have previously canvassed the ethics of News Corp Australia publications running a regular column by Vicki Campion.

Readers will recall that Ms Campion is the partner of former deputy PM and National Party leader Barnaby Joyce. She also works for an LNP Queensland federal backbencher.

Yet she is given plenty of column space in numerous News Corp papers around the nation where she regularly bags the Labor Party, as she did in her most recent effort. (pictured)

Yet despite the obvious need for, at the bare minimum, a disclaimer letting readers know her pedigree, News Corp continues to present her as some sort of independent commentator.

We do note that Ms Campion is often even-handed. She also regularly uses her column to bag certain elements and individuals in the National Party, mainly those standing in the way of the inevitable return to the party leadership of a certain Mr Joyce.