PTSD behind Giuliani’s woes


WASHINGTON DC: Recent odd behaviour by former New York mayor Rudi Giuliani and now legal counsel to Donald Trump can be explained by PTSD, according to the US President’s own official physician, Dr Sean Conley.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with Mr Giuliani. Absolutely nothing at all wrong with him whatsoever,” Dr Conley said at an official briefing for White House reporters.

But he was quickly interrupted by a reporter and reminded of Mr Giuliani’s questionable and sexually suggestive behaviour caught on film in the latest Borat movie.

Another reporter raised Mr Giuliani’s manic appearance at a news conference at Philadelphia Four Seasons Landscaping located between a sex shop and a crematorium instead of the city’s Four Seasons Hotel and the rambling statements and baseless arguments he used there to support Mr Trump’s claims of winning the 3 November presidential election.

Several other reporters reminded Dr Conley of Mr Giuliani’s news conference last week at which his hair dye ran down his face under the heat of TV lights and where he again delivered lengthy, but barely discernible and clearly illogical and fictitious arguments to support Mr Trump’s claimed re-election.

Dr Conley was then told of Mr Giuliani’s latest news conference at which he appeared dressed as Mr Trump, squirted reporters who asked questions with a joke lapel flower, and delivered his argument for Mr Trump’s re-election entirely in a sing-song voice to the tune of  the Bugs Bunny Show, while playing with a Make American Great Again yo-yo. (main picture)

“Well, the evidence you’ve presented forces me to admit that Mr Giuliani’s recent behaviour can be sheeted home to PTSD,” Dr Conley said.

Under questioning Dr Conley said he did not believe the PTSD was linked in any way to Mr Giuliani’s experiences during and after the 9/11 terror attacks on New York when he was the city’s mayor.

Under further questioning Dr Conley admitted that the PTSD he cited was not actually post-traumatic stress disorder but another condition.

“The medical term for it is Pathetic Trump-Supporting Deadshit,” Dr Conley admitted.

Asked why he did not admit that fact at the start of the briefing he said: “I was just trying to reflect the upbeat attitude of the President and his team.”

Dr Conley then claimed to have heard his mobile phone ring, pretended to answer it, and left the briefing room.