Allen’s changes names again


Australian lolly manufacturer Allen’s has been forced to again rename two of its longstanding products just days after announcing new, more politically correct and socially acceptable branding.

Earlier this week Allen’s said it was renaming its Chicos brand lollies as Cheekies and its Red Skins lollies as Red Rippers.

At the time the company said the name changes would make its products more acceptable to different ethnic and cultural groups in the community and minimise the chances of causing offence.

Red Skins was regarded as potentially offensive as it is a derogatory term for native Americans and chicos is similarly offensive to people of Spanish or Latin American extraction.

However, spokesperson for Allen’s, Sue Crose, said the company would now drop the new names after using them for just a few days.

“In changing the names Red Skins and Chicos we were careful to consult with a wide range of community and ethnic groups to ensure the substitute names of Red Rippers and Cheekies didn’t cause anyone any offence,” the spokesperson said.

“However, we neglected to run the new names past the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission which has now advised they don’t meet mandated standards for product descriptions.

“We never had to worry about it before because the old names were around for so long. But once we decided to make a change we should have sought and received ACCC approval.

“We have now resolved the issue and the ACCC has approved the replacement names of Sugary Red Coloured Slabs and Sugary Chocolate Flavoured Lumps. (main picture)

“Products with the new names will be in stores very soon, certainly in time for Christmas,” Ms Crose said.