Trump doubles down

US President Donald Trump has vowed to continue his attacks on the legitimacy of last week’s presidential election even though former vice-president Joe Biden has now been widely declared as president-elect.

Mr Trump appeared in the White House briefing room (main picture) soon after major US TV networks declared Mr Biden had surpassed the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the presidency.

An agitated Mr Trump outlined for the first time the grounds for his planned Supreme Court challenge to the election results.

The President said he would still ask that all counting of votes should stop and for recounts to be undertaken in all 50 states.

“The grounds for my challenge are simple,” he told reporters. “It is totally illegal for a president to lose – totally illegal.

“Our Constitution gives a president two terms and I have had only one so far.

“The voters have spoken and I have won this election. I won it by a yuge margin. Yuge.

“Sleepy, Slithery, Scruffy, Scummy, Shaky, Spooky Joe Biden has stolen this election from me.

“Our Constitution makes it clear that any votes cast for Sheepish, Shifty, Skittish,  Stuttering Satanic Joe Biden are not valid. Not valid. No, not valid at all.”

After being declared the election winner Mr Biden appeared briefly at his home in Delaware (pictured) to say he felt humbled by his victory and promised to lead a dynamic administration that would bring new ideas and new energy to Washington.

He then excused himself saying he needed to nap.