Marching RIGHT along…..

Let’s not pretend for one minute, dear Bug Media Glass Housers, that the shameful, rightwing bias of The Courier-Mail will somehow abate now that the Queensland state election is done and dusted.

Let us show you what we mean. Just imagine if we flipped over the parties and who was in power in the Sunshine State leading up to last Saturday’s vote; that an incumbent LNP government had been returned so convincingly.

Above is our best guess as to how the Courier front page earlier this week would have looked under such circumstances.

The reality, of course, is that PM Scott Morrison blundered around the Sunshine State for a week, pushing Deb Frecklington aside to tell Queenslanders what they should do, culminating in a photo-op tank ride before he slunk back off to Sydney.

The Courier’s response to his vote-losing efforts? Crickets!

Newscorpse has absolutely no interest in harming in any way the concocted image of Morrison as a much-loved Father of the Nation who has brilliantly led us through the coronavirus pandemic.


Will Kevin Rudd’s petition calling for a royal commission into Rupe’s rotten rags and electronic outlets in Oz have any worthwhile effect?

The Bug has serious doubts but with more than a half a million signatures, we nevertheless wish it well, even thought the silence from Anthony Albanese doesn’t bode well for its chances of success even with a change of government next election.

We offer a more immediate and far more effective response to the disgraceful, unprofessional and totally biased coverage the Dirty Digger’s Sunshine State monopolies gave in the months leading up to the October 31 state election: the Palaszczuk government has to cease immediately any government advertising spend with The Courier-Mail, the Sunday Mail, the Cairns Post and the Townsville and Gold Coast Bulletins.

For the next four years, Annastacia, please don’t spend one red cent with these truly dreadful shitpapers. That’s the penalty those monopoly mastheads deserve and should pay for their treachery.

Below: While Rudd was garnering support for his petition, we did enjoy some of the collages he put together for his campaign.