Phew, that was a close call.

It seems Queensland really dodged a bullet at last Saturday’s state election.

In the days prior to the Queensland election the two News Corp Australia-owned newspapers serving Brisbane……

Sorry, “serving” is not exactly accurate. Maybe that should have been the two News Corp Australia-owned newspapers sold in Brisbane…

No, wait. Maybe “sold” is a bit strong too given their rapidly declining circulations.

Let’s start all over again and just say this: Less than a week ago the two News Corp Australia-owned newspapers published in Brisbane were at great pains to lecture their remaining readers about how they should vote at last Saturday’s Queensland election.

As The Bug has noted in recent days, The Courier-Mail and its sister paper the Sunday Mail both published lengthy editorials (pictured) telling us all why the Liberal National Party led by Deb Frecklington was the only choice to lead our state.

We were told the LNP and policies – and presumably its leadership and MPs – were exactly what was needed to ensure Queensland and its economy recovered strongly from the downturn imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated social and financial restrictions.

But today, readers of The Courier-Mail are told how hopeless the LNP and almost all who are associated with it really are.

A “bunch of stand for nothings” no less.

Apparently the truth is that the LNP is “beset by a bunch of lazy, incompetent and irrelevant members who are clueless about the hard work needed to beat Labor at a Queensland election”. (main picture)

Apparently after the defeat of several of its sitting MPs last Saturday those remaining in the LNP caucus are “layabout bench-warmers left in safe seats who aren’t willing to get off their rear ends”.

No, these are not the words of an embittered and disappointed card-carrying member of the LNP, but the supposedly expert observations of one of The Courier-Mail’s senior political writers Steven Wardill.

In the lead-up to the election, when The Courier-Mail and Sunday Mail were going over and above the call of duty to promote the LNP as the only party voters should consider choosing to govern Queensland, Mr Wardill was also being promoted as a long-serving observer of state politics, a person who really knew his stuff after so many years covering the hijinks in George Street.

Today in his post-election analysis piece Mr Wardill says: “The fundamental difference between Labor and the LNP couldn’t be more stark. One side is packed full of hardworking people who wake every day willing to do what it takes to win the next election.

“The other side just arrogantly assumes Queenslanders will come to their senses and their only effort between elections is to raise their hand every now and then to chop and change their leader. What a bunch of losers.”

Sure, you may argue that Mr Wardill is focussing on political campaign tactics and not policies for governing, but he is still attacking the core competence of the alternative government.

His conclusion is unmistakable. Clearly nobody would want such a “bunch of losers” in charge of Queensland, the future of its people, and its economy.

Well, nobody except The Courier-Mail and the Sunday Mail whose election coverage was the equivalent of having just “Vote LNP” printed on every page they published.

In fact News Corp’s approach was basically to just arrogantly assume Queenslanders will come to their senses and vote LNP, to quote a recent expert observation.

We admit that Mr Wardill may not have penned the glowing editorials urging Queenslanders to vote LNP, but whoever did clearly wasn’t listening to him if indeed he expressed his views within the halls of The Courier-Mail and the Sunday Mail.

“We’re for you” is the slogan used by the Sunday Mail to describe its publishing mission to those who read or buy it and its Monday-to-Saturday sister turdbloid adopts the same type of marketing mantra.

So if both papers have the best interest of their subscribers and readers at heart, why did they insist they vote for “a bunch of losers”?