Ensuring things turn out Right

With only three days left before polling day, The Bug returned to the editorial floor of The Courier Mail at the invitation of editor Chris Jones (pictured) to see how the final three issues of the Brisbane monopoly daily were shaping up as it strives to ensure things turn out just Right on the night.

The Bug: You’ve brought us back into the art room here at Bowen Hills, Chris?

Jones: That’s right. This is where our final offensive is taking shape. Here’s our front page for Thursday’s issue (pictured at top).

The Bug: My goodness, that is a big story. We didn’t even know Annastacia Palaszczuk had any sort of medical problem, let alone one this serious?

Jones: Yes, slight cold, apparently, the other day but it’s cleared up now.

The Bug: But as the heading points out: Only days to go?

Jones: Yes, there’s only days to go before polling day.

The Bug: That’s terrible!

Jones: Thank you.

The Bug And this one over here? (pictured right).

Jones: That’s Friday’s splash Yes, we feel that on election eve, it’s important that the voters understand that only one side of politics is in a position to form a majority government and provide good strong stable government over the next four years.

The Bug: Well that poll news will certainly shatter the Premier’s hopes. Who conducted it? YouGov?

Jones: Maybe.

The Bug: Newspoll then?

Jones: Possibly. We might even do it inhouse.

The Bug: That’s terrible!

Jones: Thank you. Would you like to see our final cover for Saturday?

The Bug: Sure.

Jones: Here it is. (pictured right).

The Bug: So, you’ve finally tossed a coin and thrown your weight behind Deb Frecklington and the LNP?

Jones: Yes, that’s right. After months and months of fair, balanced reporting obeying all the basic tenants of quality, professional journalism, we’ve finally come down on the LNP’s side and consider it the safer pair of hands for servicing the needs and expectations of al Queenslanders for the next four years.

The Bug: That’s terrible.

Jones: Thank you.