Nine’s election hard-on

Channel 9 News continues to do its level-headed best to create in Australian voters a mindset that an early federal election is not only inevitable but that PM Morrison more or less has a landslide victory in his keeping.

On Sunday’s night’s 6pm news out of Sydney, Peter Overton breathlessly announced that “private research given to 9 News shows a collapse in Labor’s vote in two key marginal seats”.

“Polls reveal [the PM] would win in a landslide if votes were cast today,” he said.

Well, to be accurate, Peter, you mention one poll conducted by a research company called Redbridge Group who used “experts drawn from both major parties”.

Not sure who the private research was done for but whoever it was decided it deserved a much wider audience.

Redbridge’s Simon Welsh then explained the polling showed “there’s a real identification with Scott Morrison and his leadership”.

The Glass House knows nothing about Redbridge and couldn’t be bothered doing any research into it. We’re happy to assume it’s a reputable organisation with solid polling techniques and its findings that the LNP right now would win the highly marginal seats on Dobell and Macquarie on primaries alone are within the margin of error.

The Glass House simply makes the point that MSM stories like this are becoming more and more common and appear all part of a process to soften up the electorate for an election that could be called a year early, perhaps as soon as the 2021-22 Budget is brought down in May.

And that the report is inconsistent.

Overton drones on that the research has “convinced some in the Opposition that the PM will call an early election next year”.

Reporter Chris Uhlmann is not so wishy-washy… “that’s why the party [Labor] is convinced the PM will call an election next year” . In the space of a short news report, some becomes all. Well done, guys.

Uhlmann does admit that anything could happen before then but The Glass House thought it heard the veteran political reporter wetting his pants when, to the backdrop image of Morrison scooting around in a tank , he concluded: “but at this stage the government’s big gun will take some beating”.

TGH simply repeats its earlier assertion: the Morrison govt did get a post-Budget and Redbridge’s research might be reflecting that accurately.

But how Morrison will be travelling eight months from now is anyone’s guess.

The Glass House will stick with its gut feeling that the circumstances under which PM will call that early election – that he would win it – could well and truly have evaporated by then.

If a week is a long time in politics, eight or more months is an eternity, making all these early-election yarns not worth a pinch of a politician’s poo.


So, big Clive Palmer is at it again, spending millions in a bid to install a Queensland government that will do his bidding when it comes to green-lighting his Waratah coalmine projects in central Queensland.

Above are the United Australia Party’s full-page ads on pages 2 and 3 of yesterday’s Sunday Mail in Brisbane.

In recent times, Palmer has dusted off “Make Queensland Great Again!”, “Drain the Swamp” and the old but effective “Labor death tax” scare lie.

TGH wonders if this worker-hating, self-centred, money-hungry slob has ever come up with an original political campaign thought or strategy of his own?


The Glass House was recently sent this image purporting to be the front page of a certain newspaper. Can anyone verify if it’s true and not just some disgusting, made-up social media nonsense?