Trump expands on ‘immunity’

US President Donald Trump has expanded on his claim that he may be “immune” to the coronavirus as more details emerge of his activities since returning to the White House from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre.

Mr Trump today continued using Twitter to expand on his previous comments about his personal response to treatments being administered to him for the coronavirus.

“I now believe I am immune to COFEVE-19 unlike all those 210,000 losers and suckers – mainly Democrats I hear – who died from it,” the President tweeted.

“I repeat, you shouldn’t be afraid of it and shouldn’t let it dominate you. You need to dominate it, just like I dominated Spaced-out Sneezy Sickly Slimy Joe Biden in the debate.”

Meanwhile a White House spokesperson has briefed reporters on the President’s activities since arriving back from the Walter Reed Hospital.

“The President arrived home from the hospital on board his official Marine One helicopter and went immediately to the private family quarters of the White House where he was reunited with the First Lady, Melania Trump, and embraced their teenage son Barron,” the spokesperson said.

“Barron was hosting a few of his school friends and so the President was able to meet them all and gave each one a big hug even though they’re all too young to vote.

“He then joined Barron, his school friends, and Mrs Trump to play a game of Twister.

“The President and First Lady then went downstairs to the West Wing where they hugged staff members and started a light-hearted conga line (main picture) that snaked its way through the Oval Office and other work areas.

“After that the President made a short speech to his staff and thanked them for continuing to work in the face of the scare tactics and fake news peddled by the Democrats about the coronavirus.

“It was a sort of pep talk in which the President again raised the possibility of being immune to the coronavirus.

“He spoke very forcefully, although at one stage his speech was interrupted by a lengthy coughing and sneezing fit.   

“But he did make the point that he firmly believed that those Americans whose lives have been claimed by the China-Biden virus would support him and his strong leadership in handling the pandemic.

“The President said he believed that they would all be voting for him on election day, especially those who had lived in swing states,” the spokesperson said.

The White House spokesperson added that the President believed his immunity should extend to all potential criminal charges that may be considered being brought against him after he left office, but only after he completed his assured second term.