Trump critics face brick wall

US President Donald Trump has rejected claims he is preparing to stay put in the White House if he loses the November election.

Critics of the President said they were concerned about the appearance overnight of a new fortified brick wall around the White House (main picture) and suggested it showed Mr Trump was planning to stay put regardless of the election outcome.

“The wall has nothing to do with the election. Nothing. Period,” Mr Trump said.

“It is simply an extension of the wall I promised to build between the USA and Mexico. It’s just a little further north than originally planned. That’s all.

“Oh and by the way, Mexico is paying for it,” he said.

Coming the raw prawn

The days of de-veining prawns to rid them of their poop canal that many consumers find revolting may soon be over, thanks to Australian scientific expertise.

CSIRO marine geneticists have bred a species of the tasty crustacean that has no gut, which means the time it takes at a restaurant for the prawn to get to your plate should be greatly reduced without the labor-intensive de-veining process in the kitchen.

“Unfortunately this new species only lives for a few days after it hatches because of its obvious lack of a digestive system needed for it to grow but we think it’s a problem we can overcome,” a CSIRO source said.