Clinton apologises for RBG remarks

Former US President Bill Clinton has apologised for remarks he made about the late Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has died aged 87.

Shortly after her family and the Supreme Court released news of her death, Mr Clinton (main picture) was cornered by reporters at an event in New York and asked to comment.

It was during his first term as President in 1993 that Mr Clinton appointed Justice Ginsburg to the Supreme Court bench, making her only the second woman to serve on America’s highest court.

When asked by reporters if he had anything to say about Justice Ginsburg, Mr Clinton appeared clearly agitated.

“Ah wanna say one thing to the American people,” he began. “Ah want you to listen to me. Ah’m gonna say this again.

“Ah did not have sexual relations with that woman. Ms Bader Ginsburg,” he said emphatically while waving his finger at reporters.

“Ah never told anybody to lie. Not a single time. Never.

“These allegations are false and I need…..”

Mr Clinton was then interrupted by a reporter who explained that Justice Ginsburg had died and that reporters were seeking his comments on her career.

“Whoops,” he said. “Ah’m sorry. Force of habit Ah guess. Please accept mah apologies.

“So y’all wanna talk about Ruthie? Lemme think. Ah might have to reword what Ah just said.”