Farmer will fight charges


A western New South Wales farmer says he will plead not guilty and vigorously defend allegations that he injured and endangered the life of a charity collector if police press charges.

Police at Dubbo said they were investigating an incident that happened yesterday on the property of local farmer Russ Tick, 78.

A NSW Police Service spokesperson said it appeared a group of wildlife charity collectors had been taking a shortcut across Mr Tick’s land and one of them had later presented himself to Dubbo Hospital with a number of injuries including a broken arm and leg as well as severe bruising and an empty donations bucket.

The spokesperson said investigators were examining photos of the incident taken by one of the group (main picture).

When contacted, Mr Tick — who admitted he was driving his bulldozer nearby — said the whole event had been “a complete misunderstanding”.

He denied claims by the charity collectors that he had sharply changed the direction his bulldozer was travelling when he saw the group and began heading toward them at speed.

“I can honestly say that’s crap,” Mr Tick said.

“I invite the police and anyone else to come out to the farm and I’ll show them where it happened and how.

“I can soon show and tell them that they’re barking up the wrong tree. At least I could if we had any left to bark up,” he said.