How low will they go?

Just how low is the Bowen Hills branch of the LNP prepared to go to try to get Deb Frecklington and her mob across the finish line first at the state election on October 31?

It’s a fair question given the confected and concocted and contrived anti-Labor dumpings and pro-LNP gushings that The Courier-Mail and Sunday Mail are now spraying all over their dying readership in the hope of ending the two-term Annastacia Palaszczuk Labor government.

Saturday’s Courier splash was a doozey of an example of that state of spray.

Apart from the fact that PREMIER’S POLL DANCE made little if no sense, the intent was clear.

An arrogant and hypocritical Palaszczuk is finished. She should give it away now! Step aside for the Debster. It’s time for the Freckle! It’s time to end the corruption! Queenslanders, it’s time to TRAD up! All LNP campaign talking points, really.

The general trust of that story was primarily LNP propaganda, based around an ongoing theme that decent Australians are suffering immense hardship and even death on the closed Qld-NSW border while a vain and self-interested Premier, caring for no-one but herself, bends over backwards for privileged Victorian-based sports administrators.

Absorb the general theme of the Newscorpse media and you could be forgiven for suspecting the NSW-Qld border wall is scattered with the bodies of those who only wanted to get to a doctor on the northern side of the border but who were all sacrificed on the whim of a heartless state leader with eyes only for an election win whatever the cost.

But don’t take my one-eyed view of that.

Here’s the good oil from respected senior political scribe Dennis Atkins, whom Newscorpse bosses thought was a pretty good journalist for all those decades he worked with them in a very senior role.

Writing for the online news source InQueensland, Atkins wrote: “Why could 400 AFL “celebrities” fly in while someone with a health issue couldn’t get to a Queensland hospital?

“These issues are not that simple.

“Health issues that have been highlighted – sometimes with shameless opportunism – are almost always a case of misunderstanding or misconception.

‘This past week, the Queensland Government, somewhat belatedly, set up a special unit to work through these problems.

‘Also, the fact a lot of people arrived for a big sporting event is not new.

‘It’s happened in Queensland in recent months for netball, V8 Supercars and other competitions.”

What a powerful paragraph there from Atkins: Health issues that have been highlighted – sometimes with shameless opportunism – are almost always a case of misunderstanding or misconception.

Dennis might also have mentioned that some 900 NSW citizens in the last week alone were allowed across the border for medical treatment.

Of course the Bowen Hills branch of the LNP is not at all interested in such details. Or to be tolerant of the fact that the coronavirus fightback all around Australia is often policy made on the run.

That very active LNP branch would be far more tolerant of the fact that mistakes are made under such circumstances and give credit for solutions sought … if the other side of politics was in charge, of course.

Does anyone seriously believe that Saturday’s horrendous beatup would have been used if the LNP were in government and Deb Frecklington was the Premier seeking re-election?

Imagine how they’d now be lauding ad nauseam an LNP government that had skilfully kept COVID-19 so at bay that Queensland had become the hub that had allowed many of the nation’s sporting fixtures to be resumed.

Instead, the LNP apologists up at Campbell Street are determined to bring down the state government for their American master, Rupert Murdoch.

So, we can only await with well-founded dismay and disgust to see what the Courier and Sunday Mails will come up with – or rather go down and dirty with – over the next eight weeks less a few days.

Will they succeed?

They’ve bombed badly at the past two state elections with the same disgraceful, unprofessional and unethical practices that have thrashed just about every principle of quality journalism so who knows? Turd time lucky perhaps?

The rest of us can remain hopeful that Queenslanders will vote for fellow Queenslanders to run their affairs for them for the next four years, rather than heed the risible right-wing tripe dished out by outlets hell-bent on prosecuting the far-right agenda and the narrow, selfish financial interests of a money-hungry, ethically bereft and truly dreadful old fuck in New York.