Our great visionary leader?

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The News Corp Australia national broadshit The Australian has today excitedly brought its reader the news that Scott Morrison — already a great wartime leader and father of the nation — is now also our most visionary and decisive leader since, well, since Kevin Rudd. And didn’t that end well?

A Newspoll measuring respondents’ assessments of various attributes of the PM and Opposition Leader shows Mr Morrison is very close to a deity. Well, maybe The Oz didn’t quite go that far, but it came close.

Call us old fashioned. Call us cynical. Call us whatever you will, but The Bug has never put much faith in this type of poll.

After all, it measures attributes such as whether the PM and Opposition Leader are experienced, trustsworthy, likeable, care for people, and have a vision for Australia.

We simply believe such polling is redundant when all the responses are merely knee-jerk responses to isolated characteristics.

For example, on the trustworthy measure would the answer be somewhat different if, say, the PM’s handling of the sports rorts scandal was given as an example before the “trustworthy” question was posed?

Would the “cares for people” outcome be a tad lower for Mr Morrison if the question was prefaced by reference to his government’s response to COVID-19 in aged care homes?

You get our drift. If we were Anthony Albanese we wouldn’t be too upset over the results.


Seeing life through Rupe-coloured glasses

Samantha Maiden, political editor with news.com.au, certainly sees what she wants to see, even in tweets.shitshow - net

Commenting on Sunday night’s Newspoll, Samantha declared Labor’s 36 per cent primary vote result was “still a shitshow basically“.

Samantha says “this is the real problem” although the Glass House suspects that if she – and the whole of News Corpse – see Labor’s standing as that horrendous, they wouldn’t see it as a problem at all and would be popping the champers!

Not that anything the Glass House says will ever change the way Samantha sees things working where she does, but we offer just one simple observation: that “shitshow” 36 per cent is 2.11 per cent higher than Labor’s primary total of 33.89 per cent at the 2019 election.

It also suggests that the Newspoll’s 50-50 2PP result might be just a tad favourable to the LNP.

And the Glass House is not going to even try to spoil Samantha’s day by outlining some solid reasons why the worm has possibly turned and the Father of Our Nation’s popularity might now be on the ebb for quite some time.


Fair and balanced in a very Savva-y way

That dear thing Niki Savva opined on the ABC’s Insiders on Sunday morning that two Morrison government ministers were “hanging on by a thread”.

Niki helpfully predicted – or was it a suggestion? – that to avoid messy and damaging sackings, the PM could get rid of Ministers Colbeck and Sukkar down the track at a reshuffle.niki savva insiders aug30 2020 - net

It would be interesting to play back the Insiders tapes over the years to see if Niki has ever been as benevolent to Labor ministers in strife and as mindful of protecting a government’s standing in the public eye.


A new plan that’s so, so old

Brisbane Courier-Mail is up to its old tricks. Today it announced its new campaign to lead Queensland’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

1fpplan2The subtext of course is that the Labor state government doesn’t have  a plan, and you can bet that as the paper’s campaign rolls on it will feature one or two of the promises already made by LNP Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington.

The Courier, and other “campaigning” newspapers before it, often launch such simplistic pushes which tend to achieve very little except float a long list of often hugely expensive, unnecessary, and unrealistic ideas.

Then once there is any minute sign of a economic uptick, they take credit.

A taste of what’s to come is the line in today’s story saying: “Industry big hitters will help deliver a list that make the case of tax cuts, major road and rail upgrades, building programs, housing, entry-level and other work schemes, and cuts to red tape to unlock hundreds of thousands of new jobs.”

In other words, the Courier has its usual coterie of mendicants and rent seekers ready to dust off pet projects and blame the government in a pre-election period for not fulfilling their dreams because they cost an arm and a leg and can’t be afforded while also cutting taxes in a recession. It is that simple.