PM says virus fight is on track


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has attempted to recast his government’s efforts to battle the COVID-19 pandemic by extending to the wider community the comparative framework he used to defend the death rate in aged care homes.

Mr Morrison this week attempted to deflect criticisms of his Aged Care Minister Richard Colbeck after the minister was caught out at a Senate hearing not knowing the number of elderly nursing home residents who had died from the coronavirus.

The Prime Minister has since tried to put a positive spin on fatality figures by declaring 97% of the nation’s nursing homes were not affected by the potentially deadly virus.

Today he took that method of comparison even further.

“I am very pleased to say that only .002288 per cent of all Australians have so far died from COVID-19,” Mr Morrison told a news conference.

“That’s just 572 people who have died nationwide out of 25 million. You do the maths.

“So my government is doing a remarkable job when it comes to battling COVID-19 and keeping our entire nation safe.

“It is truly as if the times we live in demand a wartime leader and father of the nation to have been placed by God  in the right place at the right time to lead our people through this crisis. But I’ll let other be the judge of that.

“Unfortunately some individual states are having a tougher time handling this crisis.

“Take for instance one state that has so far recorded 85% of all of Australia’s COVID-19 deaths.

“But I won’t name them because we’re all in this together,” Mr Morrison said.