It’s show time for mosque mass killer!


Australian-born white supremacist mass killer Brenton Tarrant is to return home under a deal inked overnight between the Australian and New Zealand governments.

Under the special, one-off deal signed between attorneys general Christian Porter and David Parker, Tarrant, 29, will not only serve out his full  life term without parole at Long Bay Jail south of Sydney but will be put on public show to help recoup the very high costs of keeping him housed and fed for what could be the next 70 years.

The first public exposure for Tarrant – who used high-powered weapons to kill 51 innocent people and seriously injure dozens more at two Christchurch mosques in March last year – will be at Roselands Shoppjng Centre 13km south-west of the Sydney CBD and within easy driving distance of the jail.

During the centre’s normal trading hours, Tarrant will be stripped naked and held in stocks so “local Australians can tell this cowardly, snivelling, hate-obsessed, moronic mass killer to his face what they think of him”, as a local Imam explained.

Tarrant’s daily appearance will be extended on late-night-shopping Thursdays.

At nights, he will return to the jail’s infirmary to be patched up and made ready for his next day’s appearances.

“It will be interesting to see if our strong local Muslim community in south-west Sydney are as forgiving as some were at Tarrant’s sentencing hearings in Christchurch during the week,” the Imam added.

‘I’m looking forward to watching kids buy their little packets of stones to throw at Tennant’s face and laugh at what I can only imagine will be an incredibly small pee-pee and shrivelled, if indeed descended, testicles.”

Custodial costs for Tarrant will also be offset by the sales of wood-handled red-hot pokers that adult shoppers will be able to stick Tennant with. These will be just long enough to cause excruciating pain without being life-threatening.

“I can hardly wait to watch these pokers being stuck up his scrawny, cowardly, shit-smeared, and dumb, dumb arse,” the Imam added.

Even staunch opponents of capital punishment have welcomed the plans to put Tarrant on public show.

“Life is sacrosanct to our membership and under normal circumstances we’d have been happy enough to know that for the next 70 years Tarrant was going to go bored, batshit crazy making number plates and getting fucked up the arse nightly by some 130-stone, hirsute, tattooed gentleman with really bad halitosis and body odour,” one official from an anti-capital punishment umbrella organisation said.

“But, no, considering the enormity of Tarrant’s heinous crimes and the shame he’s brought on Australia, this new plan is fine by us, especially as it helps ameliorate the extraordinary costs of keeping him alive for so long.”

Depending on how the Roselands appearances go, the state’s prison authorities who have ultimate authority over Tarrant are considering letting him go on tour to other capital cities and annual royal shows, once they reopen in a post COVID world.