Worrying signs of the White House times


WASHINGTON DC: The US Republican Party says it is reviewing the panel of translators it uses to provide real-time translation of speeches to hearing impaired TV viewers.2020US ELECTION2020 DINKUS

The move follows the appearance of the Melania Trump, wife of President Donald Trump, during the party’s online nominating convention (main picture).

A Republican Party spokesperson said the translator who appeared on screen during the First Lady’s speech from the White House had defended her work.

“She insists that Mrs Trump had given her a written text before the live speech and issued strict instructions for her to sign the words in the text not what the First Lady actually said,” the spokesperson said.

“All I can say is that we continuing our review and are waiting to speak with the First Lady, but she has locked herself and her son Barron in a White House bedroom and has barricaded the door with furniture, so it may be a little while before we resolve the issue.”