Democrats rethink Biden-cam

2020US ELECTION2020 DINKUSA move by the US Democratic Party to capitalise on the success of its recent online presidential nominating convention may have backfired, according to some political observers.

The party’s virtual convention — forced on organisers because of pandemic lockdown conditions that prompted the cancellation of the traditional large-scale party conventions — was widely regarded as being hugely successful.

It featured high-profile celebrities, entertainers, and politicians such as former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter, and former first lady Michelle Obama.

Since then the Democratic Party has attempted to continue engaging voters by offering a live 24/7 streaming video feed from the basement of the home of its presidential nominee, former vice-president Joe Biden.

“The idea we christened Biden-cam seemed like a good idea at the time,” one Democratic Party insider said.

“But unfortunately all that anyone has seen is Joe kicking back, often naked, and watching daytime TV while snacking and occasionally scratching and rearranging his genitals.

“He loves the quiz shows because he likes to guess the answers even though he rarely gets them right.”

The insider said Mr Biden had caused a deluge of calls yesterday to Democratic Party headquarters from viewers complaining that the live  stream had frozen.

“It turns out that Joe had just fallen asleep, but with his eyes still open,“ the insider said.

“He stayed that way for a good 15 minutes which is why many people rang in to complain about what they thought was a technical fault.

“But the calls stopped as soon as he woke up, scratched himself, put his teeth back in, and lifted his left buttock to break wind.

“We’re examining the viewership figures and we’ll probably be scaling back the current coverage,” the insider said.