What! You wanted a roof with that?

media dinkus

THE Glass House is indebted to the auction clearances story during Saturday’s Nine 6pm Sydney news for this one.

Apparently the most affordable property was a “unit at Collinsville Place, Miller” that was knocked down for only $385,000.

Judging by the lack of a roof – a hint of what fire might also have done inside the dwelling – it will probably need to be knocked down.

Okay, okay! We know we’re being picky! Provided they have used the right photo and this Miler is within an easy day’s drive from the Sydney CBD, it’s probably a good buy for the land alone. And as for the “flat”? Well, goodbye!

Position vacant?

WE sourced this one from the Twitterverse last week so we’ll cross our fingers and hope it’s right. gold coast bulletin - net

As the image shows, it suggests Rupe’s rotten rag on the Gold Coast, the appropriately named Gold Coast Bulletin, has questioned whether all the state LNP pollies who hold just about all the seats on the glitter strip deserve support at the looming state election.

The editorial points out that the Labor state government has approved every infrastructure project suggested for the Gold Coast over the past 20 years.

And then gives this stinging rebuke to some “all but invisible” and “complacent” local conservative members.

“That the state LNP has such a tissue-thin list of achievements from its time in office is another point for voters to consider when casting their ballots.”

Now, it’s true that the editorial was not advocating a vote for Labor candidates, heaven forbid.

The Glass House nevertheless does wish whoever wrote that leader well in their search for a new job in journalism, if indeed any such things still exist.


Skipping breakfast – 19 times over

During the week a snippet in what remains of metro newspapers around the nation announced cutbacks to local breakfast programs at FM radio stations operated by the Southern Cross Austereo group.

It revealed that local breakfast shows in 19 of SCA’s FM stations broadcasting under the Hit banner would be canned and replaced by a single statewide show.

For instance, in Queensland a statewide breakfast show will emanate from the Hit FM station in Townsville to serve all regional markets in the state except the Gold Coast where the breakfast team survives.

Similarly, in other states all Hit regional breakfast teams will go with a couple of exceptions such as Newcastle in NSW. It’s a model already implemented by SCA in WA.

1radioshutWhat our media analysis teams at The Bug cannot understand is the loss of political and media reaction to the closures.

Sure, FM radio breakfast shows may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are — or were — local voices.

SCA also owns the Triple-M network, where staff must be feeling pretty nervous.

Maybe if outlets like The Australian stopped fixating on the ABC (which incidentally is the last network giving any real service to regional Australia) and turned its attention to its commercial colleagues, things might be different.

Similarly, our federal pollies should take some meaningful action, like suspending SCA’s licence for its Hit stations since it clearly can’t meet its obligations.

But in reality what will they do? Keep on attacking the ABC.