Premier eyes Ekka tax


The Queensland Government has floated the idea of funding its expensive fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing a new “Ekka tax”.

A senior government source told The Bug the idea had received the strong backing of Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and her Cabinet.

“The idea is that every household in Brisbane and defined parts of the south-east corner of the state will be slugged an average of $480,” the source said.

“The annual Royal National Association Show  or Ekka (main picture) was due to have started by now but was cancelled earlier this year because of the coronavirus so we thought it was a good time to announce this one-off revenue measure.

“We’ve done some market research which shows that SEQ householders will give this new tax an overwhelming thumbs-up.

“It’s incredible. We’ve never seen a response like it before.

“Even when our pollsters explained that households would get nothing tangible back in return for paying the tax, householders were still very positive about it.

“Further questioning showed that without exception, SEQ households will willingly pay the Ekka tax because they figure they’re getting off lightly compared with what they and their kids spend at a real Ekka and what they get in return.

“In fact, about 60% of those survey pleaded with us to keep the tax as a permanent annual payment and to scrap the real Ekka forever.

“They said they’d be well ahead financially if we did that. So we’re working up a Cabinet submission along those lines,” the spokesperson said.