Are you in or are you out?

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For a column that delights in exposing the mistakes of others, this one is unusual in that the Media Glass House isn’t at all sure if any great journalistic crime has been committed on this occasion.

And here’s the dilemma.

When an explosion takes place anywhere – oh, let’s use Beirut as an example – do windows in homes and apartments for kilometres around get blown out – or in?

Before sleep called late last night, the Glass House reviewed the Beirut explosion and numerous historical incidents and all the reporters involved were of one mind: all that glass always gets blown out!

News bulletins around Australia last night, across the commercial and ABC divide – were also adamant that glass in buildings a fair distance from the Beirut port area blast area were blown out.

But why not in?

If nothing else, this quandary gives you an insight into how the minds of the people behind The Bug work. And, yes, it’s pretty scary in there. Always has been.

But we figure that if a burglar is standing outside an unoccupied house he wants to rob and puts his boot to a window, he’s surely kicking it in? He didn’t kick it out, did he? Or as Ned Ryerson would say: “Am i right? Am I right? Am I right?”

So who can answer this dilemma for us? We are still waiting for Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and the heads of a number of physics departments at some of the nation’s finest sandstone universities to ring back with the definitive answer.doors blown out- net

Our research did find one media report of an explosion inside a West Australian house earlier this year (at right) and its doors and windows some years ago were all “blown out”, something we at The Glass House agree with.

So, can readers help?

If you believe windows are always blown out, regardless of whether the source of the shock waves that caused that are internal or external, then please email us now.

If, like the people at The Bug, you have often tossed and turned late at night over whether an open-air explosion blows windows in or out, then please contact your local mental health practitioner.


This morning’s episode of the high-rating ABC TV News Breakfast program ended early at 8.23am after the show’s co-hosts and presenters used up their quota of “good stuff!” comments early.

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