Mystery woman dobs in Andy

aroyal corres dinkusMystery surrounds the identity of a woman who has given law enforcement authorities information that directly links Prince Andrew with the then underage girl he is accused of using for sex.

Stories in the UK and US media in recent days have claimed that a woman rang authorities to say she had seen the Duke of York with his chief accuser Virginia Giuffre who has alleged he had sex with her as part of a ring of underage girls peddled to the rich and powerful by the late American financier Jeffrey Epstein and his British offsider Ghislaine Maxwell.

I understand that the information (pictured, below right) placing the Prince and Ms Giuffre together at a nightclub in the posh London suburb of Mayfair was originally given to Scotland Yard.

1andyclubMy senior Scotland Yard sources told me that they had passed on the tip-off to the FBI in the United States which is leading the investigation  into the underage sex trafficking activities of Epstein and, allegedly, Maxwell.

“We don’t know who the tip-off came from but we did manage to trace the call we received last week,” one senior source told me.

“We found it came from a public phone booth at Windsor west of London and we were then able to back-track through footage from nearby security cameras and found very grainy and somewhat out-of-focus footage of the person we believe made the call (main picture).

“We are appealing to anyone who might know the mystery woman’s identity to contact Scotland Yard,” my source said.

1andyfetishMeanwhile the Duke of York has rejected claims made by Ms Giuffre that he enjoyed “kinky” sex including a fetish for licking her toes (pictured).

“That’s outrageous nonsense,” His Royal Highness responded, according to my royal sources. “Besides, that’s Fergie’s ‘thing’ not mine.”

His Royal Highness also angrily dismissed rumours circulating throughout Britain that he was a big fan of coprophilia and that he had indulged in the practice during a birthday party he threw for Ghislaine Maxwell at the royal estate at Sandringham.

“That’s outrageous. It wasn’t a birthday party. No, it was a shitting weekend. It was just a straightforward shitting weekend,” he said.