PM’s shock admission: ‘My love for Albo’


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been overheard talking of a “deep admiration” for Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese that borders on “a special love”.

Mr Morrison’s comments were recorded on an employee’s mobile phone as the PM chatted to the owners of Walker Seafoods Australian plant on the Sunshine Coast after he had completed a media conference there mid week during a campaign run in the Sunshine State.

In the recording given exclusively to The Bug, Mr Morrison can be heard telling WSA’s owners Pavo and Heidi Walker how much he was appreciating the federal Opposition’s solid bi-partisan support for the National Cabinet’s COVID-19 response.smoko at fish plant - net

“It’s exactly the way it should be,” the PM tells the couple.

“Both I and everyone in Labor eschew cheap political point-scoring during this crucial fight against this insidious killer virus.

“It means I can stay above the fray and appear statesmanlike, while Liberal and National pollies in Labor-held states can maintain a fearful barrage of criticism at those state premiers, with the help of course of Newscorp papers such as The Herald Sun and The Courier-Mail, the TV news channels and the shock jocks.

“And if Albo does say something mildly critical, I stay astride my high horse and tut-tut about how sad it is for him to be trying to score political points for the Canberra bubble at a crucial time like this.

“Now that’s what I call a level playing field…. the way it should always be,” the PM says to background laughter. I deeply admire Albo for largely playing along.

“When our side of politics occasionally lose power, we fume over the injustice of it all and every single waking moment, every utterance, is designed to set things right.

“Labor in opposition just bumbles along. It’s almost as if they agree deep down we are the natural party of government.

“They spend an election cycle thinking up policies – who needs them, right? (met with backround snickering) – and then start campaigning once the election starter’s gun is fired.

“That’s what I especially love about Albo. He, like opposition leaders before him, has never really got it.

“And that’s how I get to stay top dog and dear, dear Albo will always stay in the dog house where he belongs.

“Poor bastard thinks being nice will get him into the Lodge,” the PM is heard saying to more general snickering.