Trump mute on moat

AMERICAN POLITICSUS President Donald Trump has denied that a major capital works project surrounding the White House suggests he may dispute the result of the November presidential election if he is defeated.

Political observers first noticed bulldozers working in the White House precinct in the middle of Washington DC last week.

The work was being undertaken behind large screens and in the presence of heavily armed Secret Service agents and military personnel.

When the work was completed, the barricades were torn down to reveal a large moat surrounding the President’s historic official residence.

Mr Trump refused to be drawn on suggestions he was planning to hold out in the White House grounds if voters turned against him on 3 November.

“This is nothing more than fake news, yet again” he told reporters while standing waist-deep in water in what was previously the Rose Garden outside the Oval Office.

“There’s nothing sinister about me wanting to install a small water feature in the White House grounds.

“I’ve got one at all of my golf resorts so there’s nothing to see here.

“It’s got nothing to do with the election, which I am going to win in a waterslide…. I mean a landslide,” he said.