Is a challenge in plane site?


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Was arguably Australia’s most astute political cartoonist dropping a hint in his offering in last weekend’s Sydney Morning Herald?

Does Alan Moir know of leadership rumblings in the federal Liberal Party and is the Father of our Nation and much loved wartime leader Scott Morrison in danger of being toppled?

Although Moir’s cartoon clearly defines Treasurer Josh Frydenberg as the co-pilot in his cartoon (at top), why is the Treasurer sitting in the captain’s traditional seat on the left, especially during what appears to be a major mid-flight emergency?

Does Moir know something that the hardheaded political scribes in the Canberra bubble don’t?


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Another story from that edition of the SMH that caught the Glass House’s eye was the one above.
Sadly, the text and image were unrelated from adjoining stories. Pity that.


As many of our loyal readers know, we pedants at the Glass House love picking up the little errors that may in themselves not be all that significant but when gathered together in their dozens each and every week show the direction English usage is travelling.

Does the little clip below wring any bells?

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And this little offering comes from Guardian Australia today (Tuesday) as Essential Media’s Peter Lewis explains how his polling techniques have been improved since the 2019 federal election.

We’ve heard of push polling so why not tow-polling? After all, you can do both with cars.

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