Sunday rag needs to eat humble piechart

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This edition of the Glass House reminds The Bug of that hospital bedside scene from the original The Naked Gun movie, where Lieutenant Frank Drebin tells Nordberg’s wife: “He’s got a 50/50 chance of living, though there’s only a 10% chance of that.”

Any person who made sense of that piece of Drebin dribble would see nothing at all wrong with the Newspoll piechart (top image) used in a two-page Queensland election-coverage spread in yesterday’s Sunday Mail.

As you can see, Newspoll has clearly canvassed the opinions of 124 per cent of Queenslanders, giving the poll the smallest margin of error in polling history!

We all know that Rupe’s rotten rags in Brisbane are going overboard in their bid to oust Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on October 31 but it takes a special approach to numbers bordering on the cormannesque to balance what first appears to be a healthy approval rating of 59 per cent for the two-time Premier by creating two pie slices of dissatisfied – 35 per cent – and not satisfied – 24 per cent – to match the Polish Princess.

We think we know the thinking – and strategy – up at the Bowen Hills branch of the LNP.

Get the 6 percent of don’t knowers to finally come to their senses through an endless series of anti-Labor/anti-Palaszczuk splashes across the front pages of the Courier and Sunday Mails – and the entire election coverages inside each – over the next hundred days and that will make 65 percent against Palaszczuk to her miserable 59!

And that adds up to victory on the night and a job well done by all as editor Chris Jones invites his team of “journalists” to hoe into the free pizzas and a six-pack as they all wait nervously for the congratulatory call from the old fella in New York!

The Bug‘s Glass House doesn’t want to spoil the upcoming party but apart from the monstrous fuckup in the pie chart we could point out that the polling is labelled back in June and the two-party vote is the same as the You-Gov poll back then.

Seeing the first three weeks of July are almost up, we’re wondering what a more up-to-date Sunday Mail poll might show, given the internal unrest within the LNP during recent times and the fact that Palaszczuk has largely been shown to be spot on with her tough border closure decisions during the coronavirus crisis.

It might just need some more very acrobatic arithmetic by the numbers-crunchers up at Campbell Street to make Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington look London to a brick for poll victory with a seasonally adjusted two-party result of 55 per cent to Labor’s 51.

POSTSCRIPT: The Glass House understands that the graphic artist who used the image (below) that made Annastacia Palazczuk look quite presentable if clearly still no match for the vivacious and stunningly beautiful Deb Frecklington has since cleared out their desk.


125 per cent - spread


And further south, Newcorpse continues its campaign to oust Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. We reprint a recent cover of the Daily Shitigraph in Sydney with no other comment that this: image how that rag would have covered the Ruby Princess debacle if Labor were in power in NSW.

daily tele front cover - dan made disaster