Poor performance puts job on the line


A self-admitted “pathetic performance out on the paddock” has put Anthony Seibold’s career path in serious jeopardy.

Seibold has been training as a school-crossing lollipop man since being sacked as Brisbane Broncos coach after the team’s humiliating 48-0 loss on Thursday night to the Wests Tigers.

And he admitted in a phone call to The Bug early this morning that his lengthy training sessions on Saturday on a blocked-off, dead-end street in inner Brisbane had “proved totally disastrous”.

“The kids the lollipop people trainers pay for these weekend sessions wouldn’t do a thing I told them to do,” Seibold admitted. “It was like trying to herd cats.

“I sat them down at half-time [lunch] and gave them a real spray about showing some real guts and commitment in the second stanza or they may as well give the game away.

“I told them to leave it all behind them on the paddock but they showed even less interest in following my instructions after the break.

“The selfish little bastards were more interested in bickering among themselves as to who had the best or most expensive trainers and the latest in sportswear or boasting who was the dumbest bastard in class.

“The lollipop people have more or less indicated that perhaps my career path moving forward lies in a different direction.

“I thought being a lollipop man would suit me ‘cos as sure as fuck I’m not going to get a paid job anywhere.

“That’s the last time I take advice from Warwick Capper.”