What’s in a name? Everything, it seems

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WASHINGTON, USA: Attempts by the former Washington Redskins American football team to find a new and socially acceptable name have hit a major snag that US President Donald Trump has called “political correctness gone mad”.washington redskins - net

The famous eastern-coast franchise recently announced it would drop its name and logo (pictured left) after claims they were racist and made light of the treatment of native American Indians as the country was overrun by predominately white settlers.

Many people believe Redskins remains to this day a derogatory term for native American Indians.

The National Football League side had desperately tried to keep at least part of their original name and had toyed with the Washington Clearskins, the Washington Rainbowcolouredskins and Washington Allskinsmatterskins.

As a club spokesperson said: “All we ever wanted to do was keep some skin in the game.

“And that’s why we were delighted to be approached by a national winemaker keento be our main sponsor.

“And now we find ourselves under attack from all sorts of wowser groups including the American Temperance League and Alcoholics Anonymous.”

“Do you know how long it took The Bug‘s … I mean the club’s graphic arts department to come up with and produce our new team branding? (at top).”


SYDNEY: Crown Casino in Ultimo has been forced into liquidation after copping a $5000 fine on Monday for breaching COVID-19 social distancing rules.


BRISBANE: Monday’s statewide public holiday to celebrate the Brisbane Broncos finally winning an NRL game has proved so popular that Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says it will happen again “in the unlikely event of the Broncos winning another game this season”.