Who wrote this shit!

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Really, Channel 9? Proudly?

US president Donald Trump “proudly” wore a mask during a visit to a veterans’ hospital, Nine Sydney’s 6pm major news on Sunday reported.

The Glass House doesn’t know who penned the intro that Peter Overton read out for this particular segment but they should blush brightly if they claim to be a journalist.

Here’s the lead-in in full: “He’s repeatedly refused medical advice to wear a mask even as his country soared past three million coronavirus cases and more than 130,000 deaths but today Donald Trump did a backflip proudly wearing a face covering in public, declaring masks have a time and a place.”

Did Nine’s US reporter Tim Arvier pen the intro for Overton as part of his tasks.

Maybe Nine Entertainment chairman Peter Costello was wandering past the news room and wrote it just to show what a reasonable, decent, well-rounded chap the 45th president of the United States can be and why he deserves re-election. A leader capable of taking on advice from aides and adapting appropriately.

But does anyone really believe Trump wore the mask “proudly”.

Proudly sounds like it was probably meant to be: a publicist’s buzz word. It should not have been used.

Bear in mind Trump has used a variety of pathetic excuses for not wearing a mask for months. The Glass House suspects that Trump had a number of possible feelings as he wandered the corridors of a veterans hospital masked up but we’re fairly confident “proudly” would not have been one of them.

Angrily? Reluctantly? Fumingly? Sookily? Forced Upon Himly? by disastrous poll results on his handling of COVID 19.

You can just about sense the great man fearing his image as the world’s most stable genius and the person who knows more about everything than anyone else is being hampered by the face covering.

Even if Trump had stated on the hospital tour that he was indeed proud to be finally wearing the mask, good journalism would have demanded that he be quoted as saying that. Qualification is a good idea when something unbelievable is being suggested.

Example: Good journos don’t write “Police called off their chase moments before the fatal crash”; they use “Police said they called off their chase…” Two little words gives a reporter so much protection and makes them look so, so professional and worldly-wise.

When Trump during the segment said: “I’ve never been against masks”, that surely should have alerted those at Channel 9 to the reality that if Trump’s lips are moving, he’s probably lying.

Channel 9 News has to do much better than this is it wants to be regarded as a serious, balanced news source instead of coming across as the public relations department for the worse president the poor old US of A has ever suffered.


Perhaps …. perhaps ….. perhaps

Here’s a little one for the “why didn’t the sub come to the reporter’s rescue?” file.shark attack - net

Pallavi Slinghai’s report (at right) in The Sun-Herald of a tragic fatal shark attack was perfectly okay, except for the over-cautious use of the word “suspected” in the intro, especially as the story included direct quotes from a local woman who talked to a surfer who saw the attack.

The sub clearly came to the conclusion that the victim had not been hit by a bus and wrote the heading accordingly.

He or she should also have taken out the “suspected” in the process.