Time for 9 to reach for the mute button?


Is Channel 9 losing its Voice?

My spies in the television world tell me this current season of The Voice on Channel 9 is rating so poorly that major changes will need to be made if a 2021 season is to have any chances of reaching our TV screens.buddy t

And that might also require a complete change in celebrity lineup, for I’m told all current judges are livid over the concocted outrage they’ve been forced to display against one another this season in a pathetic bid to boost ratings.

A prime example was Monday night’s “walk-off” by former Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland (above).

A close personal friend of Guy Sebastian told me: “Guy is livid that he was given the role of the bad guy who breaks the show’s rules by turning his chair after his talent team had been filled.

“Guy feels like the poor bloke made to be the nasty prick on each season of MAFS.

“He’s still got a music career and playing the villain is harming his sales. He says why didn’t a washed-up nobody like Boy George take that role. He’s go nothing to lose. It’s been 30 years since he sold a record.”

And I’m told both the women judges are very unhappy to be playing angry bitches.

“We’re not actors,” Delta Goodrem is understood to have sniffed. “I’m just a very talented piano-playing singer with a gorgeous body and lovely nature that’s all I’ve ever wanted the show to project for me.

And Rowland told a friend: “It’s always been about the girls. I’m here to show off the girls. Not to shout at people.”

The producers tell me the show’s problems don’t end there.

“The blind auditions is the only part of the show the viewers really like.

“Each season on average we lose 75 per cent of our viewership when the battle rounds begin.

“This year it’s closer to 90 per cent.”

I’m reliably told that the major changes to be made include:

The blind auditions to be expanded to be at least half of each show.

The battle rounds to be axed because they’ve always been really stupid and unfair, and replaced by the Sighted Auditions, where the judges face the talent and then turn away to send them on their way.

In the final Death round, contestants will sing on a huge trapdoor above large tanks of hungry adult great white sharks and will leave the show if all four judges pull their levers. Underwater cameras will then pick up all the action live – or more accurately –  dead.

One other suggestion is that all the judges would perform nude, although Boy George would be allowed to still wear his hat which is the only thing left going for him.

Also hanging out against the concept, so the speak, is for Rowland who is happy to appear naked from the waist down but would still love to wear her blue-winged outfit “that show off the girls beautifully”

“Less is more,” she purred.

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