Cops seeks mystery ‘mad man’


NSW Police believe a middle-aged man caught on security camera committing an act of public indecency south of Sydney may have been suffering from mental stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

The man, estimated by police to be in his early 50s, was captured on blurry security camera footage (main picture) outside the McDonald’s restaurant at Engadine in the Sutherland Shire.

Police said he was filmed running around naked and appeared to be intoxicated.

“We believe he may be a local because he stopped occasionally to yell ‘Go Sharks’ and “How good are the Sharks?’,” a police spokesperson said.

“He also stopped to insert fireworks – a roman candle which itself is illegal to possess in our state – into his anus and light it.

“The offender is difficult to identify on the blurry camera footage but we will be continue to pursue several leads in the hope of apprehending him.

“We have released only part of the camera vision. Other parts are a bit too confronting, especially the bit when the suspect appears to be so drunk that he shits himself.

“We understand that the pressures imposed on people during the extended period of restricted activity may eventually cause some individuals to snap, so to speak.

“It may well be that the individual in question has committed the offences after being driven ‘mad’, so to speak by being socially isolated for so many weeks,” the spokesperson said.