Hanson calls for colour blindness


Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson has called on all Australians to support her new social media hashtags #whitesacolourtoo and #whitelivesmattertoo.

The One Nation party founder and leader said she saw the urgent need for the hashtags after watching former US leader Barack Obama making a video appeal solely to the “coloured people of the United States”.

“There’s not a racist bone in my body but when I heard the former US prime minister (sic) deliberately excluding 95 per cent of a nation’s population to speak to only the other 15 per cent as if they were the only ones that mattered, well, it just made my blood boil, it really did.

“There’s no way white people should be excluded from anything just because of the colour of their skin.”

Ms Hanson said of her other hashtag: “Of course black lives matter. No-one says they don’t. But isn’t the message that’s coming out loud and clear from all those riots across  dozens of American cities is that white lives don’t matter … or if they do, not as much?

“White is just as much a colour as Nugget black bootpolish and chico lolly baby brown are.

“White’s just easier to paint over … that’s all.”

“But all the social unrest being experienced over there right now would not be happening if Floyd Patterson (sic) had not resisted arrest so violently in Makemineasoda (sic), if that jogger had stopped running when those white men told him to, and there’s no way that black woman could have been shot dead while sleeping at home in her bed if she had been at night school trying to improve herself.”

Ms Hanson said she was not unsympathetic to the plight of minority groups.

“As an indigenous Australian, I’ve felt first hand what it’s like to be neglected and abused and downdrodden just because of my colour,” she said, her voice quivering with barely controlled rage mixed with a large dollop of indignation. “I’ve had a gutful of it.”

“Do you know the fun that’s been poked at me all my life because of my red hair and neck?

“And what it was like as a young woman with male suitors expecting you to be fiery and sassy and all, only to insult and ridicule you when they found out you’re really quite stupid, have hardly read a decent book, can hardly string a sentence together and have hands that smell like mullet fillets just on the turn?”

Ms Hanson controlled herself long enough to say she had also tried to register the hashtag #metoo but that had already been taken and that she hoped to get #allaboutmetoo trending instead, which was really the story of her life.