Will slip of the tongue derail Dave’s rise?

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SYDNEY: The federal member for Wentworth remains confident that a harmless slip-of-the-tongue while commenting on the US riots will not affect his chances for political greatness.

Dave Sharma took to Sky News to condemn Lloyd George’s death as a “shocking and despicable act”.

The Bug approached the Liberal MP and asked him why a rich man in one of Australia’s richest electorates felt obliged to make public his views on the death from cancer in March 1945 of the last Liberal Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Lloyd George, Mr Sharma replied: “Obviously I misspoke and meant to say George Floyd.”

Before Mr Sharma lost his first tilt at winning Wentworth after former PM Malcolm Turnbull quit the seat, he was touted as a future PM himself. He went on to win the seat by a massive 1000 vote margin in last year’s “miracle” election win.

He told The Bug today: “Obviously. I don’t believe my little slip-up while calling on the US to ‘cool it a bit’ will damage any ambition to one day becoming Prone (sic) Minister.

“Having said that, let  me also say that Van Morrison (sic) has my full support at this point in term (sic).”


NEW YORK: Right-wing militants have used the cover of street unrest over ingrained racism in American society to vandalise a used-record music store in down-town Manhattan, smashing dozens of Boy George and Pink Floyd albums.


CHICAGO: Right-wing militants here have attempted to burn down one of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s greatest creations, Sherman Booth House in suburban Glencoe.


WASHINGTON: Washington DC police have apologised for shooting dead a person they believed was a protestor who would not remove himself from the street outside a church opposite the White House which President Donald Trump used for a photo opportunity yesterday.

“He was screaming at police ‘I can’t breathe’ so we naturally shot him,” a police officer on the scene said.

“Unfortunately it turned out he wasn’t a protestor but a COVID-19 patient who couldn’t get admitted to a local hospital.

“So yeah, we’re sorry about that litttle misunderstanding.”