A scandal Rupe for the picking


As Australia’s Number One family internet newspaper, The Bug was frankly stunned by the amount of social media criticism of the way the mainstream media reported the news that the Morrison government had axed Robodebt and would repay Australians wrongly targeted by the scheme more than $700 million.

Sure, the government “took out the trash” on its humiliating Robodebt backflip late on Friday afternoon but media critics still thought that gave more than enough time for Saturday editions of metropolitan titles around the nation to go big on the scandal, especially as critics of the scheme had been calling it illegal for years.

Much of the criticism was levelled at News Corp masthead which The Bug must admit provided scant to no coverage of the issue.

And to be fair to them, Nine Entertainment’s Sydney Morning Herald gave it only a few pars down the bottom of page one, with the full report on Page 8.

The MSM coverage got The Bug to thinking how the Newscorp papers in particular would have treated the yarn if Bill Shorten and Labor had won the 2019 election.

At top is how we suspect The Australian – Rupert Murdoch’s pride and joy – would have handled the story in that case.

And we run below, without any further comment, how we suspect other Newscorp papers would have responded as well.

the courier mail on robotdebt - net

the daily telegraph on robotdeb - net

herald sun on robotdebt - net

nt news on robotdebt - net