Rare praise for one of Rupe’s rotten rags


In the interests of journalism balance and integrity – especially considering the number of times The Bug has had a red-hot go at Brisbane’s Sunday Mail – we have a duty to share with our readers a story we’ve found on an inside news page of the paper’s edition of Sunday, February 14, 2021.

We salute the three bylined reporters – Jeremy Pierce, Jack McKay and Janelle Miles – for their excellent work in reporting on a visit to the Gold Coast by Queensland Premier Deb Frecklington, her popularity still on the rise after her election win in October 2020 and due largely to her excellent handling of the second wave of COVID-19 across Australia.

And we commend the sub-editors and arts department people at the Sunday Mail for the excellent heading: BIZ BRAYING FOR DEB’S AID and the excellent reverse strap underneath it: Premier shores up billions in local Hollywood projects.

Here’s just some of the opening pars of the combined efforts of these three fine young reporters.

Popular Premier Deb Frecklington has made a lightning visit to the Gold Coast to reportedly ink the deal on millions of dollars of Hollywood projects that will be shot locally to help reboot the state’s economy once this tragic second surge and scourge of coronvirus is defeated.

While the Premier was happy if a little reluctant to be photographed with film directing legend Baz Luhrmann, she said her main thoughts remained with a local tourism industry shuttered and shattered by the nation’s second lockdown in the space of less than a year.

“I hear their desperate pleas and that’s why I’ll be returning here early next week with the relevant minister to listen once again to their concerns.

“They knew I was returning in a few days to gauge their feelings which is why they saw no problem with today’s trip. These are astute business people who appreciate their premier has other ongoing duties as well in progressing the state’s economy.”

But a tough and resolute Queensland leader, looking lovely in an off-white, long-sleeved business suit, warned tourist operators that she would not be swayed from her “correct and sensible course of action based as always on my chief medical officer’s advice”.

“I’m happy to talk with tourism and other business stakeholders at any time but they must remember that I will not be making a decision on borders or any other loosening of COVID-19 restrictions until the end of the month.

“My primary concern is the health and safety of my fellow Queenlanders and I will continue to provide good, strong, stable government, that’s for sure,” she concluded to a boisterous round of applause from all those present.



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