Bullshit in a China shop


American media mogul Rupert Murdoch says as soon as international travel restrictions imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are eased he will fly directly to Beijing and meet Chinese leaders who have been “bullying” Australia and some of its export industries.

Mr Murdoch (pictured above with wife Jerry Hall) said his trip to Beijing was motivated by comments in his own publications on China’s tactics in cancelling orders for Australia export beef and barley as an alleged payback for Australia’s call for an independent international inquiry into the origins of the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

“One of the most respected and insightful commentators employed by News Corp Australia, Peter Gleeson, has twice in just a few weeks penned columns attacking China for being a bully,” Mr Murdoch explained.

1gleeso240520“Gleeso’s latest column (pictured) quite rightly got stuck into some of Australia’s universities for their subservient attitude to China whose students come here to study and provide a huge slice of uni income. They’re clearly putting money ahead of doing the right thing.

“Peter has also joined in the attacks made by others in News Corp on the government of Dan Andrews in Victoria for its ‘cosying up’ to China by allowing it to invest in infrastructure projects. Again, putting cash before principles.

“Reading Peter’s columns got me thinking about my own behaviour towards China in the 1990s when I was dead-set keen on exploiting the big Chinese market for satellite pay TV.

“You might recall how I bent over backwards to accommodate the wishes of the totalitarian Chinese regime, how I almost literally kow-towed to their demands.

“I did all I could to get a foothold in China and even dumped the BBC from the TV offering I was proposing because the Chinese leadership didn’t like the fearless British broadcaster’s independent analysis of their regime.

“You might even recall how I ordered the publishing company I owned, HarperCollins, to withdraw an offer to publish the memoir of the last UK governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, because it was going to upset the new owners of the island state, the Chinese government.

“You might even remember how, after dumping Chris’s book, Harper Collins did publish the biography of former Chinese strongman Deng Xiaoping — a glowing and heavily varnished account written by his daughter.

“Let’s also not forget how my Fox and Sky TV channels agreed to broadcast the Chinese government’s own CCTV9 propaganda channel parading as a news service through their own networks.”

Mr Murdoch said although he had since sold down his stake in television in China, the Gleeson columns had caused him to think long and hard about the actions and decisions he took decades ago.

“So I’ll be jumping on a jet just as soon as I can to head to Beijing and tick off the Chinese leadership for their treatment of my former country Australia,” he said.

“I don’t think it’s ever too late to make amends, especially now that I have fuck all investments at risk in China.

“I just wish I were still married to Wendy. She came in very handy doing the translations, but of course in recent times I’ve had no need for her.”