Journalism in decline? Shit occurs!

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Did any Bugger think they heard a fully laden cement mixer rumbling past their front door around 7.15am this morning, its mixing drum of coarse gravel rotating slowly as it passed?

That noise, in fact, was countless deceased journos right around the nation spinning in their graves after ABC News Breakfast co-host Lisa Millar, in a report on a Queensland car crash that killed three men, said their Commodore sedan “had collided with a tree”.

Rumble. Rumble. crash chinchilla - net

About a half-hour later, her on-line talent partner Michael Rowland ended the usual Friday segment where David Speers talks about how he’ll be dominating Sunday’s Insiders as usual with his own fascinating yet endless commentary with a throwaway “old adage”.

Rumble. Rumble. Rumble.

Those long-lost scribes spinning at speed in their graves would not have even finished their cadetships if they had used “collided with a tree” and “old adage”  a second time after being told not to.

To be fair to ABC News Breakfast and its hosts – and The Bug always strives to be very, very fair – elsewhere in this morning’s program our dynamic duo when talking about a separate car crash did at least say the accident “happened” as they do, so full marks for that!


Since its appearance a few months back, InQueensland has been doing its best with some top-name contributors to provide a professional and slick alternative to Rupe’s local rotten rags.

But hiccups can still happen to slightly set back such noble ambitions.

This standfirst is from the media platform’s online reading last Sunday:

Scott Morrison tomorrow celebrates a tumultuous year since his stunning election defeat – but his legacy is yet to be established, writes Rebecca Gredley.

Oh, dear.