Trump campaign goes retro

AMERICAN POLITICSUS President Donald Trump is understood to have embarked on a new strategy in his bid to hold the White House at the November US elections.

Senior Republic Party identities and advisers who did not wish to be identified said the plan, dubbed the “retrospective campaign”, involves highly partisan attacks by the President on former leading Democrats.

“The President has been frustrated during the coronavirus lockdown period by his inability to engage directly with his presumed challenger Joe Biden,” one Republic Party source said.

“The retro campaign allows him to hone his tactics and messaging against former leading Democrats while keeping his powder dry for Biden once the lockdown ends and real campaigning can start.

“Until then the retro campaign has begun with former President Obama being the first in line.”

Following his recent sniping at Mr Obama and the floating of a largely undefined “Obamagate” conspiracy theory, Mr Trump today stepped up his “retro campaign” by appearing in blackface at a Republican Party event in South Carolina (main picture).

At the event Mr Trump received repeated standing ovations while adopting a theatrically exaggerated African-American style of walking and speaking, telling off-colour racist jokes, eating watermelon, and finishing by singing the Al Jolson hit Mammy.

Republican Party sources said the event was “just the beginning” of the retro campaign.

“The President will finish with Obama soon and then he’ll be attacking Hillary Clinton, after which — or ‘after witch’ as he puts it — he plans to work over her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and then move on to others,” a Republican elder said.

“He has a list of Democrats he’ll work through that goes back to former President Jimmy Carter and beyond.

“Carter has grown in stature and public affection since he left the White House and is now regraded as a loveable, humble and pious model of an ex-President.

“But Trump has plans to paint Carter as a corrupt, geriatric, paedophile and bestialist.

“I’d tell you the things he’s got in store to say about John F Kennedy, but you just wouldn’t believe them,” the source said.