Premier plans name change


Hot on the heels of unveiling a bold bid to buy struggling airline Virgin Australia, the Queensland Government has revealed plans to rename the carrier if its plan takes off.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said her government’s move was aimed squarely at rescuing and reviving Queensland’s tourist industry in the post-coronavirus environment.

“We are looking at a bid to buy Virgin Australia purely and simply because tourism makes up a significant slice of the Queensland and national economy and so many jobs depend on tourists being able to fly in and out of our state from interstate or overseas,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“Buying Virgin Australia will ensure continued competition when it comes to air fares. If we have only one major airline in Australia fares will inevitably rise and people won’t be able to afford to fly in and out of Queensland or anywhere else in Australia for that matter.”

Ms Palaszczuk said if the purchase of Virgin Australia went ahead she planned to rename the airline.

“We want to see a new name in our skies to reinforce the focus we have on tourism and to underline the importance of competitive air services to our state and national tourist industry,” she explained.

“So we’ll be adopting a new name that just does that — Queensland And National Tourism Air Service.

“We think that’s got a nice ring to it and we’ve already had designers at work to devise a new livery for all the aircraft in the current Virgin fleet (pictured),” the Premier said.