Peter’s constance refrain: how God is he?

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So, Peter Overton, pray tell us: who exactly wrote the script of which you speak?

Journos there at Channel 9, Sydney? Maybe Nine Entertainment chairman Peter Costello who happened to be walking past the newsroom, saw a spare hot desk and pumped out the script?

Maybe current Liberal Party officials wrote it? A distinct possibility.

So The Bug readers can join in the guessing competition, here’s your on-camera lead-in on Wednesay night on the yarn about Andrew Constance withdrawing from the field for the Eden-Monaro by-election.who writes this shit - net

“The script was written for Andrew Constance to be the shining light of Eden-Monaro, set to win a seat from the federal Opposition for the first time in 100 years but tonight his career in Canberra was over before it began…”

Wow! What positive predictions, Peter!

The shining light of Eden-Monaro, eh? Set to win the seat, huh? All won and dusted by the sounds of it; the perfect candidate; no question about it.

At the very least, Overton’s mushy and effusive intro tells us just what a dream run Constance would have garnered from most, if not all, the mainstream media (including you, Aunty, sadly!) if he had been made of somewhat sterner stuff than a sook who fell to pieces when some insignificant piece of shit called him a cunt.

By the time the by-election race was run, the good folk of Eden-Monaro – and probably Australia generally – would have been convinced that Constance single-handledly extinguished most if not all of the bushfires, not just on the South Coast but across New South Wales, had developed an effective vaccine against COVID-19 in his spare time and it would only be right and proper for Scott “Smoko” Morrison to step aside so he could be Prime Minister.

The campaign would have been reported in much the same way as Barnaby Joyce’s citizenship by-election, with all other candidates forgotten as the camera lenses came in close on Dinky-Di Aussie Barnaby as he knelt beside the graves of his maternal ancestors who went so far back in Australian history that they could very well have been on the shore waving hello to the First Fleet.

A case of bad timing

With the Queensland state election due on October 31, the Queensland Liberal National Party has lost the services of its experienced public relations officer and media expert.

Renee Viellaris has resigned and will take up similar duties as a strategic media adviser with the Australian Federal Police.

A quick viewer survey

ABC News Breakfast co-host Michael Rowland on Friday morning may have unwittingly let slip the extent of the show’s viewership.

He declared that during the three-hour show Mother’s Day videos and messages would be shown “from all of our viewers”.