Nats select Eden-Monaro candidate


The National Party has selected a young but hard-working mother of two as its candidate in the Eden-Monaro by-election.

She is Vicki Joyce, a public relations guru and experienced media adviser from Tamworth.

Delighted party officials believe her name connection – by overnight registry-office marriage – to one of Australia’s most loved retail politicians and straight-talkers in Barnaby Joyce, the member for New England to the north of Eden-Monaro, will get her across the line in the byelection at a date yet to be determined.

Mrs Joyce, formerly Vicki Campion, told The Bug she would work hard to win the seat for the Nationals.

“I won’t deny the member’s salary will come in handy as things have been fairly tight for Barnaby and me of recent times, what with two young boys to feed and another set of twin boys on the way,” Mrs Joyce said, patting her tummy.

“Regardless of the outcome at the by-election, we’re going to call them Eden and Monaro,” she added.

And astute political observers believe the Joyce family fortunes could be greatly improved in a second way if Mrs Joyce wins, as it may just give her husband that vital last vote needed in the Nationals’ party room to reclaim the deputy prime ministership and the massive salary that goes with it.

And in Canberra, the ABC’s national political editor Andrew Probyn (pictured) said he believed Mrs Joyce would make a stellar member of federal Parliament.

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