Molan set to lose twice


Liberal Party sources say Senator for NSW, Jim Molan, has saved the party an ugly preselection fight by unwittingly ruling himself out of contention as the party’s candidate for the upcoming Eden-Monaro by-election.

Party sources say Senator Molan (main picture) has even put his current position in the upper house at risk by floating the idea of a shift to the House of Representatives.

The Liberal Party wants to run NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance in the by-election caused by the resignation from Federal Parliament of Labor’s Mike Kelly but Senator Molan is keen to enter the lower house and wants to do so through the seat of Eden-Monaro.

“Poor old Jim doesn’t realise it just yet but by just expressing his desire to run as our candidate in Eden-Monaro he is actually ruling himself out of contention,” the party source told The Bug.

“Our party rules won’t allow a person who is obviously emotionally or mentally unstable to seek or gain preselection.

“In Jim’s case he’s a Senator and of course everyone knows a Senator of any party does, shall we say, fuckall.

“Senators have no electorate to look after and therefore no constituents. They are meant to represent the whole of the state in the so-called ‘states’ house’ in Canberra.

“But in reality every last one of them — and for some reason we have 76 of them — is just a party hack on a huge taxpayer-funded salary — more than any of them could ever dream of being paid if they had to find their own job.

“Who in their right mind would give up all that and take on a lower-house seat and 114,000 whinging voters who are never happy with whatever you or the government does?

“So you see my point? By even floating the idea of running in the House of Reps, Jim’s signaling loud and clear that he’s stark raving mad.

“So he’s actually ruled himself out of contention under the Liberal Party rules and may even have given the party’s powerbrokers the excuse they need to dump him from the Senate too, as they’ve done previously, you may recall,” the source said.