Angry Premier comes out punching


A defiant Queensland Premier Anna Palaszczuk this morning is refusing to apologise over a media conference last night in which she repeatedly called Rupert Murdoch a cunt.

“I stand totally by everything I said last night,” the Premier told The Bug this morning by telephone.

“As I said then, if Rupert Murdoch looks like a cunt – albeit a very old one – and talks like a cunt and acts like a cunt then, guess what, people? He’s a cunt!”

Seasoned political analysts and Peter Van Onselen were in two distinct camps this morning over the Premier’s shocking overnight performance. About half called her tirade against arguably the world’s most powerful media baron ever a ‘political suicide note’; the others branded it a ‘game changer very much in her favour’.

In her expletive-laden rant against Murdoch that shocked seasoned journalists outside her Inala electorate office at 7pm last night, Ms Palaszczuk theatrically donned a pair of boxing gloves and delivered a series of air punches before declaring: “C’mon, cunt. Give us your best shot.”

The Premier told shocked scribes and film crews that it was becoming increasingly obvious that the two Brisbane metropolitan monopolies, The Courier-Mail and the Sunday Mail, were out to bring her government down at the October 31 state election.

“I’m reliably told they intend to go even harder at me this time than in the past two state elections. I know! I know! It’s hard to believe that’s even fucking possible, right?

“But I’m standing here tonight to say I’m up for the fight.

“Those two mastheads and the rest of the shitty Newscorpse (sic) papers around Queensland can do the bidding of that increasingly senile, ethically bereft, money- hungry, self-centred, flaccid-arsed, far-right-wing Octogenarian Yank cunt and push his narrow interests but guess what Queenslanders?

“I’m for you!” she shouted, mocking News Corp Australia’s slogan that runs under its various mast heads.

‘The choice at this election is clear: do you want your state run by fellow Queenslanders or by that truly dreadful awful old cunt from New York?

“But I can assure you of one thing, my fellow Queenslanders, what’s in this cunt’s best interests are never, ever, going to be in yours.”

The Premier used the conference to announce that her government would cease immediately any advertising with “Rupe’s rotten rags”.

“That’s my immediate ‘reward’ for the next six months over the shameful, unprofessional behaviour of those two truly shit newspapers over a very long time now.

“But here’s my additional pledge to that cunt in the Big Apple!

“You really do need to give me your best shot because this is my additional promise to you: if Labor is reelected, that ad ban will stay in place for the next full four year term of my government.

“So shove that up your tight, money-hungry arsehole, cunt!

“I’m up for the fight. Are you?” she said, unleashing a series of short, sharp left and right jabs.

Ms Palaszczuk’s media and policy advisers hugged one another and wept openly as she concluded her remarks by walking over to Peter Gleeson, Des Houghton, Steve Wardill and Renee Viellaris and kneeing all four in the balls.