Revealed: Australia’s plan to go it alone!


Globilisation and free world trade have run their course: when Australia emerges from the current COVID-19 pandemic, wartime Prime Minister Scott Morrison has vowed to make his nation totally independent of the rest of the world for its survival.

And the master plan – one The Bug has been privileged to have been shown – reveals the scheme goes way beyond the critical shortages the current pandemic has revealed: surgical masks, gloves, respirators and those fancy temperature-taking devices that you just point at people’s foreheads rather than shoving a thermometer up their bum.

Certainly, sufficient stockpiles of such quality, Australian-made medical equipment will always be on hand to combat any future worldwide health threat, the PM has vowed.

Mr Morrison told The Bug: “The world has changed forever and only my LNP government can not only keep Australians safe from it but make our country great again.

“Remember: There is no red and blue anymore. No boss and no worker. No left and no right. We are one. But we are many. And from all the lands on earth we come.

“We’ll share a dream. And sing with one voice. I am, you are, we are Australian,” he said, wiping away a tear.

In the current Morrison term of government, the PM has also vowed to:

  • Protect Australian agriculture and mining by producing our own massive versions of the John Deere harvesters, cultivators and seeders currently used in agriculture and the giant Euclid and Caterpillar trucks now pervasive in mining;
  • Totally reorganise our defence and disaster response capabilities by producing our own super air freighters such as the Antonov An-225 and the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy; and
  • Scrap the French submarine buy and cancel all remaining F-35 joint strike fighters from the US and embark on an ambitious plan to manufacture all our defence needs at home, including updated versions of the .303 rifle and the Owen Machine Carbine just for starters.
  • Produce all our own railway rolling stock again, both passenger and freight, but nothing in narrow gauge if Labor wins the Queensland election in October.

In Mr Morrison’s next period of government from 2022 to 2025, Australia will:

  • Re-establish its own car-making industry, centred on  a base-model Zeta Lightburn and a more upmarket Leyland Brothers P76 with leather front seats;
  • Start making household whitegoods and furniture again; and
  • Aim to have 25 per cent of all things sold in Bunnings Australian made,  at least in the gardening section.

In the PM’s full third period of government from 2025 to 2028, Australia will:

  • Make its own Victa two-and-four-stroke engines again and a motorised Hill’s Hoist will come back onto the market.
  • Relaunch the Australian dairy industry. and
  • Sell Australia to New Zealand once national debt hits $250 zillion.













to come…..