Last-minute news forces reshoot


News reports this morning forced some quick reshooting and editing of the exclusive interview that Sky News will air tonight between Cardinal George Pell and its after-dark commentator and News Corp Australia columnist, Andrew Bolt (main picture). The Bug has been handed a transcript of the additional interview footage which we publish verbatim below.

Andrew Bolt: First of all, Your Eminence, thank you for returning to film these extra questions and to hear my confession as doyen and representative of the Australian media which should, in some small way, be a start to the recompense all media representatives owe you — except of course those working on Sky News and for The Australian.

Cardinal George Pell: Thank you. Very kind of you.

AB: OK, let’s start. Well this morning, Your Grace, we see the disgraceful continuation of the campaign of vilification against you with news reports of a new police investigation in Victoria into new allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.

GP: Yes, I am aware of that news report.

AB: Just disgraceful, Your Holiness, and part of the blatant campaign being conducted by the ABC against you.

GP: I think the story is actually in the Herald Sun newspaper.

AB: Yes, the ABC, you’re exactly right, Your Cardinalness. How does the ABC justify their funding by taxpayers when all they do is conspire against great men like you? Disgraceful.

GP: Well, I….

AB: I mean, Your Excellency, the ABC in concert with the Victoria Police Service actively conspired to kick off the whole sorry saga that led to your recent and quite predictable, justifiable and long-overdue acquittal by the High Court.

GP: Actually, once again I recall it was the Herald Sun that carried the first story about…..

AB: Yes, you’re right again Your Saintliness, the ABC started all this. They carry on their daily, almost hourly campaign against you. Will they not listen to or acknowledge the facts?

GP: Well, look I….

AB: Thanks, that should do it. We’ll tack that exchange onto the end of what we got in the can the other day. Sorry, I didn’t mean to say “the can”.

GP: Never mind.